About Sea Salt Candy Co.


Lisa and Gretchen have always loved candy!

Lisa is the sweet one and the toffee is her family’s recipe. Lisa’s grandparents owned a candy business in Chico, California for many years and Lisa grew up running around the almond orchards and the candy warehouse. The original recipe was crafted by Lisa's aunt Dorothy and her family still makes our “claim to fame" toffee during the holidays, but don’t ask for the recipe…It’s a secret!

If you know Gretchen, you’d agree that she's the salty one. She was raised in Leucadia, California with laid back hippy-type parents who both love to cook and eat. Her dad, Jim, lost his sense of taste to throat cancer, but never lost his love of food. Together, they made up some interesting concoctions to satisfy his sweet tooth, but nothing worked like Gretchen's homemade caramel!

Life's a Beach

Just like Gretchen, Sea Salt Candy Company was born in Leucadia, California. A small beach community in northern San Diego County, Leucadia is a flower mecca and surfer’s paradise. Although tourists flock to San Diego, this little village has managed to hold on to its laid back attitude and funky charm. Sea Salt Toffee and Caramel is a tribute to laid back days and funky ways!

Handcrafted Bliss

We believe that everything we need to make our delicious treats can be found right here in California…Chico almonds, San Francisco Guittard chocolates, Central California dairy (happy cows, right?) and Sonoma sea salt.

We also believe that good candy doesn’t need and shouldn't contain ANYTHING but the good stuff, so we won’t add anything artificial or unnecessary. We believe this commitment to simplicity is why our caramels and toffees are so blissfully delicious.

Old Time Goodness Meets Urban Foodie

Our candy has way of taking folks back. We’re never surprised when someone tries our salted toffee and caramel for the first time and immediately launches into a story about the county fair, Childhood vacations at the beach, or the first time they tried kettlecorn.

Even the most finicky foodie can’t resist the immediate burst of seasalt sprinkled directly on top, followed by the crunch of toffee or the soft chew of rich caramel, until it all finally blends together in what can only be called a moment of Bliss.

Discover your Bliss!